Pushing my Cuckold Sissy Husband’s Humiliation Limits

Time to push sissy cuckold husband's humiliation limits.
“I decided it was time to push my husband’s humiliation limits.”

I always tell my cuckold sissy phone sex callers that one of the greatest things about my life as a dominant hot wife is that I can get both my husband and my bull to do whatever I want. All I have to do is tell Greg (my hubby) what I want, and he falls all over himself to make it happen. My bull requires a little more subtlety, but if I play my cards just right, I can get the same results from him as well.

After my very first encounter with both men at once (that involved Greg in a pair of my panties on his knees beside my bed while my bull fucked me), I decided it was time to push my husband’s humiliation limits a bit more. I enjoyed making my husband my cuckold sissy and the subsequent humiliation it caused him, so I told my bull what a turn on it was for me and that I thought it would make me even hotter next time if we were to add something extra to Greg’s outfit. He agreed, as I knew he would.

The next time the three of us got together, my bull informed Greg that, in addition to the panties he had worn for us the last time, he’d also have to put on a frilly apron (which I had oh-so-helpfully provided) and a pair of my heels if he wanted to be allowed to watch the show.

I could see the warring emotions on Greg’s face. He so desperately wanted to watch, but the idea of that much sissy humiliation was almost too much for him. After a few moments’ deliberation, though, he gave in (as I knew he would) and accepted the apron and heels.

Seeing him dressed that way with his face absolutely on fire with embarrassment was more than enough to get me in the mood to bounce up and down on my bull’s cock and made me (and my bull) cum harder than ever.  Oh yes, I DO love cuckold husband humiliation!