Kim’s Cuckold Sissy Husband Story

Kim's Cuckold Sissy Husband StoryHey, guys. I’m Kim, the sexy, hot wife of a cuckold sissy husband. I want to tell you guys my story. If you find that my story of husband humiliation has you squirming in your chair, then I can promise you that you’ll be exploding in your panties from the stories I’ll tell you when you call me for sissy humiliation phone sex. 🙂

Like I said, I’m a Cuckoldress, and my husband Greg has been my good little cuck since we were dating. He knew from the beginning that I’m not the kind of girl to settle for just one cock (especially not one as underwhelming as his). And, to be honest with you, I’m pretty sure that’s one of things that so attracted him to me!

Anyway, the cuckolding aspect of our relationship is not new, but we HAVE added something new(ish) that both of us really love. Especially me.

Ok, here’s what happened: Despite the fact that I’ve been cuckolding my husband for years and years, I never used to let him in on the action. I’d go out on dates with other men and leave him home alone, eagerly waiting for me to return. I liked knowing how impatient and turned on he was all by himself, so I wouldn’t let him tag along with me.

One day, though, he started begging me to let him watch. I wasn’t really into the idea at first, but my bull mentioned that it might be fun if we played it the right way. So he told Greg that we would allow him to watch, under one condition. He could only watch if he wore a pair of my panties while he did it.

Greg was horrified, but he knew that this might be the only chance he’d ever get to be a dirty cuckold voyeur. So he took us up on the offer, even though he was practically dying of embarrassment…especially when we started calling him things like “panty boy” and “sissy girl” and so on while we fucked. It was pretty hilarious, to tell you the truth.

Later, I realized that dishing out the sissy humiliation like that was nearly as exciting as the sex itself. I’m not sure if it was the sight of his blushing face or the way his cock poked against the satin of the panties or any number of other things. All I know is that I was suddenly incredibly turned on by seeing my husband’s humiliation!

Greg is still not 100% comfortable with it, but he goes along with it because it allows him to watch the cuckolding action, which he LOVES. And, honestly, I think he likes the forced feminization way more than he’d ever admit out loud. He might outwardly cringe when I taunt him about being a cuckold sissy, but his hard cock while it’s happening tells a completely different tale.

Are you turned on by the thought of being a cuckold sissy husband or just a humiliated sissy? If so, I think we’ll have lots to talk about!