Sissy Maid Humiliation

Sissy maid humiliation for my husband in his french maid outfltI told you all about my decision to try some sissy maid humiliation with my husband Eric. I did my research online, placed some orders, and acquired all the necessary sissy finery, all without his knowledge. All that was left was to introduce him to the idea.

I waited until a Friday evening to spring this new form of sissy humiliation on him. I wanted him to have the whole weekend to get used to the idea of being my sissy maid. So once everything was ready, I brought him to the bedroom and presented him with the packages–a full French maid‘s outfit in pink.

“Is this for me?” he asked, his cheeks burning bright red.

“Yes,” I answered, handing him a pair of white stockings and a pair of white heels to match. “Now put your outfit on for me.”

He took the stockings and heels from me, his face turning an even more unbelievable shade of red. He gasped and even whimpered a bit as he dressed himself. I couldn’t help but tease him though, when I saw how his cock was tenting his frilly sissy panties. Despite his obvious embarrassment, his cock told the truth about how much he was aroused by it.

Once he was fully dressed, I led him to my lighted vanity mirror and sat him down in front of it so that I could apply his makeup. I explained to him what I was doing and why and let him do some of the blending and such because I expect him to be able do it by himself after a few more practice runs.

Then, finally, after his outfit was on and his makeup was done, I presented him with the Pièce de résistance: a blonde sissy bimbo wig. I thought he might keel over from shame as I helped him put it on, but even that was nothing compared to the mortified look on his face once I led him over to my full-length mirror so that he could he could see himself in all his humiliated sissy maid glory!

Sissy Husbands and Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex

Are you a sissy husband?  Or wish you were?  Do just the words sissy humiliation make your face flush with embarrassment and give you a tingle in your panties?  Do you fantasize about having your wife force feminize you, tease and deny you, lock you into chastity, humiliate you in front of her girlfriends, and maybe even cuckold you?

Sissy phone sex with AndreaYou’ve come to the right place!  We’re Andrea and Kim, two real life wives and this is our sissy humiliation phone sex blog.  First, we’ll tell you a little about us. We’ve never met in real life but we got to know each other through phone sex when we discovered that we both had sissy husbands.

Andrea had a pretty vanilla marriage until she accidentally walked in on Eric one day and found him dressed in lingerie and high heels.  She was shocked and angry at first as she raged at him but suddenly realized that she was actually getting turned on by seeing him feminized, submissive and humiliated. One thing led to another and then, well …..  Read about that first time when she confronted her sissy husband.Kim enjoys sissy humiliation phone sex

Kim is a born humiliatrix and had been cuckolding Greg for years but it wasn’t until one of her lovers insisted on making him wear panties that she began using feminization to take her husband’s humiliation to a whole new level.  Read about how Kim turned him into her cuckold sissy.

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